5 Gifts to Give Your ‘Friends’ TV Show Lover Kids

Is your kid obsessed with the ‘Friends’ show? Then you must be thinking of gifting them something inspired by FRIENDS. Gifts giving is a way of showing affection for your kids. For your ‘Friends’ obsessed kid you will need to find a gift inspired by the Friends show. If you don’t know what to gift and where to get it, then this article will be of great help. This article has listed the best toys online in the UK inspired by the friends show. Let’s have a look!  

The Incredible Friends TV Show

A great show called Friends was initially broadcasted over two decades ago. You must have heard about it or watched it and now your kids are also a fan! The fantastic characters are Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross along with the full New York existence portrayed in and around Central Park for all Friends fans out there. They promote love, friendship, and care for each other. Also, your kids will learn some great relationship values from this very show.

5 Gifts That Your ‘Friends’ Fan Will Love

Following are some gifts for your ‘Friends’ fan kids. You can choose any you like. Let’s briefly have a look! 

  1. Friends Double Duvet Set

Does your kid have Friends inspired room theme? Or do you just want to add a touch of love and affection to their room so they feel attracted to it? a kids’ room to be ‘Friends’ themed? Friends Double Duvet Set is a perfect gift option. Your kid will be blown by this fantastic duvet set. It is a  ‘Friends’ themed reversible friends duvet cover set that can be reversed. It is one of the most comfortable duvet sets that your kid will ever want. A fun fact about this Friends bedding is that it imprints some famous dialogues from the ‘Friends’ show. 

  1. A ‘Friends’ Pillow

A ‘Friends’ Pillow is a great way to add some warmth, cosiness, and affection to your kid’s room. Your kid will love having this kind of cute stuff in your room. Your kid will hold this pillow every night and have a nice and comfortable sleep. They’ll wake up with good mood have spend a nice day after it!  

  1. Paladone ‘Friends’ TV Show Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking for something creative and exciting but also ‘Friends’ themed? Then this Paladone ‘Friends’ TV Show Collage Jigsaw Puzzle is the answer! For the ‘Friends’ fandom, this will be such an interesting gift. When you gift it to your kids, you’ll see some heartfelt love and affection on their faces. Your kids will play with it, can also invite their friends over, and have a great time solving this incredibly thoughtful jigsaw puzzle. Get your hands on it now!

  1. Pink ‘Friends’ Makeup Bag

Want your little Friends fan kid to learn to organize things? Get her the ‘Friends’ themed makeup bag. This pink coloured bag has a great amount of space. Moreover, it has cute imagery of friends depicting a true friend’s fan. The bag has the most memorable Friends couch on it, the taxi, and everything that a ‘Friends fan remembers.

  1. ‘Friends’ Classic Logo Icon Hoodie Sweatshirt

The classic ‘Friends’ logo icon hoodie sweatshirt is what every Friends lover wants to have in their closet now. This hoodie has all the classic things printed on them. Moreover, it is comfortable, made from high-quality material and is durable enough to last for a long wear time. Gift this amazing sweatshirt to your kid and they will be very excited to have it.

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