AAR Government’s Car Buying Program

Guidelines to assist you to decide the ideal time to purchase an automobile (car) and save money.

AARP The Car Buying Program provides you with the tools and details you require to improve the experience of buying a car from beginning to finish.The Government car voucher program provides you with the information you need to make your new car purchase using modern technology as well as safety and security features. Additionally, it provides discounts off the estimated retail value (MSRP) of new cars and offers for members of AARP on certain pre-owned vehicles.

The median factory-suggested retail price reduction for new automobile buyers who took advantage of the AARP’s car Buying Program was $1,878 in 2021.

The program is free to all people, even non-members. However, AARP members can get a discount of at least $100 when they utilize their Car Purchase Program while connected to AARP.org. The program will tell you the prices other buyers bought for a specific brand and model vehicle in your region and the market value of the car you’re considering purchasing, all in the comfort of your own home.

If you are willing to share your personal data with local dealers with inventory that meets your search specifications, the AARP Car Buying Program will reveal beginning price deals. After you have selected the most suitable choices, local dealers will follow up by phone, email, or texts. You may opt-out of receiving these notifications at any point.

Alongside search options and savings, the AARP car Buying Program offers several benefits for both members and non-members alike.

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Search tools

You can access online search tools that allow you to evaluate vehicles, look over safety ratings and read price reports for the latest vehicles you’re interested in.

Certified Dealer Network

Get access to a nationwide network accredited dealers dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

A vast inventory of used cars

Explore over 700,000 used vehicles available from accredited dealers across the country and enjoy discount prices* on the brands you love. In addition, you will receive free vehicle history reports on the majority of used vehicles.

What is the process?

Check out the car you’re considering, look up the safety rating, find out the prices other buyers bought for the car you’re interested in, and also look up market reports for used vehicles before you leave your home.

Find price estimates for new cars . Also, check the prices published for used cars If you’re willing to work to local dealerships.

Test drive your car to save time and money and experience the joy of purchasing a vehicle. If you purchase a brand used or brand new vehicle at the AARP Auto Buying Program accredited dealer, you’ll also be helping an important cause as part of the program’s profits go to the AARP’s driver safety program called Driver Safety. Program, as well as to the AARP Foundation.

Also, visit the internet and submit you purchases (within 45 days after purchase) from a reputable dealer. You’ll also receive benefits for buyers at no cost at up to $2,000 during the first year following the purchase. These benefits could include:

  • The AARP Smart Driver Free Course
  • Auto Deductible Reimbursement
  • Car repair expense reimbursement
  • The opinion of a car expert

If you’re hoping to enjoy a seamless car purchasing experience, do your research prior to the time of purchase using the AARP’s car Buying Program. These are some other factors to think about when buying an automobile.

What is the most ideal moment to purchase a new Car vehicle?

It’s the question people frequently ask themselves when they are preparing to purchase their next car: “When is the best time to buy a brand new vehicle?”

Experts in new car buying are aware that each one percent of discounts could be substantial; you can save by making a conscious decision about when to shop. But the method of choosing the right time to purchase a car can be a bit difficult. If you’re in the market for your next car, here’s some guidelines and numbers to consider to determine the most suitable moment to purchase.

  • In the early hours of the week There are fewer customers at the dealer and you’ll be able to count on the attention of the salesperson. The average savings on Mondays is 0.61 percent higher than on Sundays.
  • In the evening : Sellers are anxious to be home by the end of the day . They might not be eager to spend long hours trying to negotiate a sale.
  • The conclusion of the month, or quarter: Dealers and salespeople are required to meet quarterly and monthly sales targets to meet in order to achieve certain bonuses which can provide an incentive to sell another. But, it doesn’t matter in the event that the dealer or the vendor has already achieved their goals (and it’s impossible to find out).
  • Late Model Year: Manufacturers typically place their latest models of automobiles on sale between the fall and summer (but it can be different) and dealers try to find space to display the models, which allows for the possibility of varying pricing of previous model (although the options could be restricted).
  • End of Year: As the calendar year begins to close dealers try to achieve their year-end sales targets which could result in lower costs and taxes on current inventory at the close of the year. Additionally, sellers attempt to reach their year-end sales targets, which could result in more bonus payments for the holidays.

What about seasonal sales on certain body types?

The majority of body types are discounted during December and January. The two months of December and January offer the most discounts that are available all year for coupes, convertibles, cars, trucks, utility vehicles, and minivans and minivans, with discounts of up to 6.6 percent across all car models. Bodywork is done in January and December.

What is the best answer? When is the ideal time to buy a brand new vehicle?

While the statistics will reveal when you’ll have the best discounts, it does not mean that you have to put off making your purchase. Be aware that as the year is over, inventory shrink. So, even though there could be huge discounts, it’s possible that the car you’re searching for isn’t available. Therefore, if you really desire something, you’ll need consider whether it’s worth the possible savings or if you’re at risk of losing the car you’re looking for.

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