How To Draw A Phoenix Step By Step Drawing

How To Draw A Phoenix. The Phoenix is one of the most magnificent of all mythological creatures. These majestic and legendary birds are said to fly away, burning with their ashes. This aspect has made them popular as a metaphor for comebacks in many fields, with many wanting to know how to draw a phoenix. We have a Rising From The Ashes guide to help you with this endeavor, so read on to see how it’s done!

Our step-by-step guide on how to draw a phoenix in 7 steps will have you drawing one of these mythological birds in no time. You can draw many more characters like batman drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing, their favorite things and many more drawing for kids.

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Step 1:

We’ll start with the head of the Phoenix for this guide on how to draw a phoenix. There will be a curved line on the top of the head and three bights, flowing feathers on the back. Then you can use a slightly curved pointed triangular shape for the Phoenix’s beak. The neck of the Phoenix will also be quite long, descending from the head. We’ll connect it to the rest of the body in the next few steps, so let’s take the next step!

Step 2:

Your phoenix design will have long, curved wings that stand up dramatically. The top of the left-wing will connect to the bottom of the neck. The wing will then curve, and you can use sharp curved lines to form the wing feathers. It will then curve towards the body to be thinner at the base of the wing. Once you’ve drawn the wing, you can use another curved line for the Phoenix’s chest.

Step 3:

You’ve met one wing in this focus on how to draw a phoenix, so you should have no trouble adding a second! This wing will go on the right side of the Phoenix and have a very similar structure to the other wing, only mirrored. With the two superb wings, let’s continue!

Step 4:

One of the Phoenix’s most recognizable features is its long, flowing tail. With it, this is a complete guide, so we’ll add one to your Phoenix drawing. The front of the tail will connect to the bottom of the chest, while the back will connect to the bottom of the right wing. Like the wings, this tail will have long tapering feathers at the end that extend in different directions. Then, once you’ve finished the tail outline, you can use a few lines inside the wing to give the feathers more detail.

Step 5:

In this step of our guide to drawing a phoenix, we will add details on and around the wings. You can do this by using rows of sharp, jagged lines along the inside edge of the brim. This will provide more detail on the wings. Once you’ve added these details, you can also draw small, sharp shapes around the tips of the wings. These will be part of some fiery details that we will finish in the final stages.

Step 6:

Before adding bright and fiery colors to your Phoenix drawing in the final step, we have a few final details. To do this, draw sharp shapes as you did in the previous step around the tips of the wings. You can add some around the tail, as shown in the reference image. This stage allows you to get creative with these details if you wish! You can add these shapes to create an even more fiery phoenix. Before continuing, you can add any additional details you wish. You can draw a fire background or have a fire trail behind the Phoenix. Here are some ideas for you to choose from, so how will this picture end up?

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Step 7:

Now that your Phoenix is fully drawn and you’ve added extra details and background elements, you can have fun coloring your Phoenix! The Phoenix is closely related to fire, so this image would suit many reds, yellows, and oranges. When coloring this Phoenix, artistic mediums that allow vibrant colors would be perfect. My medium for this image would be acrylic paints, but anything you use will be amazing! Paints would also be great for mixing fiery colors into the background to make it look like hell behind the Phoenix.

Finished Drawing!

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