Instructions on How to Draw Yin and Yang Easily

How to Draw Yin and Yang. The yin and yang emblem has evolved into one of the most recognizable personalities on the earth.

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Originating from the Chinese perspective, this symbol has become popular for its easy yet effective design and for what it means.

The symbol is meant to describe human beings’ light and dark balanced in perfect harmony. As easy as this drawing is, learning how to draw yin and yang can be surprisingly difficult. However, it will be much easier at the end of the guide in front of you!

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How to Draw Yin and Yang

Step 1

As mentioned in the opening, learning how to seduce yin and yang can be challenging, despite the simple drawing.

However, everything is fine as we will take it slowly and easily as we work through this guide.

One way to make things easier for you would be to utilize a pencil and a compass to sketch a yellow circle to instruct you as you draw the final stripes.

Once you’re done, let’s start drawing the first half of the icon. To do this, you can tense a curved stripe with a point at the base.

If you drew the previously mentioned circle in pencil, drawing the outer edge of this line will help you.

At the top, there will be a space where we will add a few stripes later, so let’s move on to the following part.

Step 2

We’ll add more to the first half of the symbol you started in the previous step for the double portion of your yin and yang sketch.

You can spread the top of the stripe and barely bend it inward. Once this line is drawn, the next step is to complete the outline of this shape.

Step 3

You are ready to satisfy the first half of the character in this phase of our Yin and Yang drawing guide. Extend another line to fill the space in the shape’s outline to complete it.

Once you’ve done that, you can draw a small circle on the top right of the form. This circle will be an essential part of the symbolism of this method, and again you may want to use a drawing compass if you want it to be perfect. Then in the next step, we can start drawing the other half of the symbol.

Step 4

For the next two regions of your yin and yang illustration, we will replicate what you’ve done so far, except for the reflection.

Repeat all previous steps while building this second shape to fit nicely within the first.

In some iterations of this design, the two halves touch, but there is a small gap between them.

Once you’ve completed this shape outline, the next step is adding the finishing touches.

Step 5

Before we color your picture, let’s complete the final details in this fifth step of our guide to drawing yin and yang.

The main thing that needs to be added is another circle at the bottom of the shape, as shown in our reference image. We have already mentioned that these small circles have a symbolic meaning.

The two halves of the symbol represent light and dark, and the circle in each half is the opposite color of the half that contains it.

This is to show that there is always some light in the dark and vice versa. Once you’ve drawn that final detail, add some personal touches!

Sometimes people like to incorporate images of the sun and moon into the image to bring further symbolism home.

You can also draw a background or add some detailed elements to make it look even better.

Step 6

In our image, we chose the classic black and white color most commonly associated with this symbol.

As mentioned, each circle is also the opposite color of its section. This is the classic look of this symbol, but sometimes you’ll see it in brighter, more vibrant colors.

You can also play with different artistic mediums to add vibrancy or create a colorful background to contrast black and white.

Your Yin and Yang Drawing are Finished!

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