Is it permissible to carry a bag during Tawaf?

As we know, Muslims across the entire globe travel to Mecca to perform Hajj and Umrah, two sacred journeys. Tawaf is one of the fundamental rituals of these religious duties. It is a beautiful form of solid dedication to Allah Almighty. If a person appropriately performs any act of worship, God will accept it and bestow blessings and rewards on him. For more information, consider the comprehensive explanation in this article: “Can you carry a bag during Tawaf?“.

The second-most important ritual of a holy journey to Mecca is Tawaf. Seven anti-clockwise circles around the Kaaba, beginning and ending at the Black Stone, are essential for this ceremony. Furthermore, according to many scholars, it is permissible for a pilgrim to carry a bag while he makes circumambulation.

Note: People must be aware of the rules and regulations for Tawaf after booking Umrah Packages.

Carrying a bag on shoulders during Tawaf

Ihram is the first requirement of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. In this pious state, pilgrims cannot accomplish various things. Moreover, a male pilgrim cannot wear stitched clothing in the holy state of Ihram. However, pilgrims can carry a bag on their shoulders to store their belongings while they are in Ihram. Because this bag is not one of the stitched products that are not allowed in this state.

According to Sharia, it is permissible for a pilgrim to carry a bag on his shoulders while he performs circumambulation. But he should avoid using fancy and decorated bags. Because Tawaf is a wonderful act of strong commitment to Allah Almighty. Additionally, this act requires purity and simplicity.

Can a pilgrim carry a bag during Hajj?

To complete the Hajj, pilgrims must bring several items because it is a long and laborious journey. A pilgrim requires a bag to store these essentials in one place. However, he should carry a simple and light bag during this spiritual trip. A heavy bag is uncomfortable and disturbs other pilgrims in congested areas.

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Essentials to pack in a bag

Pilgrims should pack the following essential items in their bag/backpack:

  • Mobile Phone and its charger
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses and medical glasses
  • Miswak, toothbrush, and non-fragranced toothpaste
  • A small notebook, tasbeeh, and digital counter

Is it permissible for a pilgrim to talk during Tawaf?

According to Sharia, it is permissible for a pilgrim to have a discussion about religious topics during Tawaf and Sa’i. Comparatively, there is nothing wrong with talking about any necessary world issue as long as the necessity is fulfilled. However, it is essential to refrain from a pointless conversation about worldly matters. In this case, pilgrims should avoid this activity while they encircle the Kaaba.

Can we drink water during Tawaf?

It is permissible for a pilgrim to drink water while circumambulation the Kaaba. If he needs to leave the area where he makes Tawaf, he can resume where he left off with his circumambulation. However, this break should not be excessively long or abrupt. According to many scholars, talking, sleeping, eating, or drinking does not spoil Tawaf.

Rules and regulations for Tawaf

Before successfully circumambulation the Kaaba, one should know the basic requirements for performing it. These rules & regulations include other which are the following:-

  • Pilgrims should cover their bodies before encircling the Kaaba.
  • To perform circumambulation, a pilgrim must attain a state of purity.
  • Making the intention for Tawaf is crucial.
  • A pilgrim must make circumambulation outside the Kaaba.
  • A pilgrim must encircle the Kaaba seven times in an anti-clockwise direction.


Tawaf is a fabulous demonstration of obedience to the merciful Allah. A pilgrim must complete a full, anti-clockwise round before moving back to the Black Stone. The Islamic Sharia allows the pilgrims to carry a bag on their shoulders while circumambulation the Kaaba. However, they should refrain from using decorated or fancy bags. Once you booked your Umrah packages 2023, you should be ready for Tawaf. As it also requires more energy and physical fitness.

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