Specifications of CR2016 vs CR2032 Guide

The CR2016 vs CR2032, two common battery kinds, may have come to your attention if you’re on the market for a replacement. These coin-shaped batteries have many specs and uses and are frequently used in tiny electrical gadgets. We will examine the difference between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries in this post and determine which is best for your device. So let get started CR2016 vs CR2032


The majority of electrical gadgets must have batteries. Our devices wouldn’t work without them, and we’d be stuck with pricy paperweights. Coin-shaped batteries are the standard option for tiny electrical devices like key fobs, calculators, and watches. Two common coin-shaped batteries that are extensively used are the CR2016 and CR2032 models. Despite having a similar appearance, the two batteries have considerable variances in their features and intended uses.

What are CR2016 vs CR2032 Batteries?

Lithium coin batteries, such as the CR2016 and CR2032, are frequently used in tiny electrical gadgets. They are assigned names on the base of shapes and dimensions and the last two digits denote the thickness in tenths of millimeters and the first two digits denote the diameter in millimeters. In comparison to CR2032 batteries, which come with a  3.2mm thickness and 20mm diameter CR2016 vs CR2032 cells come in 20mm dia with 1.6mm thickness.

Specifications of CR2016 and CR2032 Batteries


The voltage of cr2016 vs cr2032 batteries is one of their main variances. The voltage of CR2016 batteries is 3V, whereas the voltage of CR2032 cells is 3.2V. Although this voltage difference might not appear substantial, it has an impact on how some electronics function. read also dl2032 vs cr2032


The capacity of CR2016 vs CR2032 batteries is another distinction. CR2032 batteries are able to deliver more power for a long time since they have a bigger capacity than CR2016 batteries. The battery capacity measuring unit is milliampere-hours or (mAh). CR2016 batteries normally have a 90mAh capacity, whereas CR2032 batteries have a 220mAh capacity.

Size and Weight

Although the diameter of CR2016 vs CR2032 batteries is the same, they have different thicknesses. For devices that need a smaller battery, CR2016 batteries may be a better option because they are lighter and thinner than CR2032 batteries. While CR2032 batteries weigh about 3g, CR2016 batteries are roughly 1.8g in weight.

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Applications of CR2016 and CR2032 Batteries

Common Devices that Use CR2016 vs CR2032 Batteries

Batteries such as the CR2016 vs CR2032 are frequently found in tiny electrical devices like:

key rings
the use of remotes
digital thermometers
fitness monitors
audio devices

Pros and Cons of Using CR2016 and CR2032 Batteries

The CR2016 and CR2032 batteries both have advantages and disadvantages. The CR2016 battery

Advantages of CR2016 Batteries

They are lighter and thinner, which improves their fit for various gadgets.
less expensive than CR2032 batteries
widely accessible in retail

Drawbacks of CR2016 Batteries

lower capacity, which means more frequent replacement may be necessary
Lower voltage, which can impair some devices’ performance

Advantages of CR2032 Batteries

greater capacity, which enables them to supply more power for a longer time.
Higher voltage could enhance some gadgets’ performance.
extended shelf life, which translates to the ability to preserve them for longer

CR2032 battery drawbacks

They are heavier and thicker, making them less compatible with various devices.
more expensive than CR2016 batteries
Possibly not as extensively offered in retailers

How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Device

It’s crucial to take your device’s characteristics and requirements into account when deciding between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries. A CR2032 battery can be a better option if your gadget needs a greater voltage or capacity. However, a CR2016 battery would be more appropriate if your gadget needs a thinner battery. It’s also crucial to take each battery type’s price and accessibility into account. follow for more updates https://techstrome.com/


Small electrical devices frequently employ CR2016 and CR2032 batteries, although there are some discrepancies in their features and intended uses. Although CR2016 batteries are smaller and lighter than CR2032 cells, they have a lower voltage and capacity. CR2032 batteries, on the other hand, are heavier and thicker while having a greater voltage and capacity. It’s crucial to think about your device’s features and needs while deciding between these two batteries. 

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