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Drawings For Kids tiger is among the world’s most terrifying and deadly predators. Drawings For Kids are famous for being deadly apex predators, but they are also known for having beautiful and distinctive colouring. Due to their alluring look and reputation for danger, they are a favourite animal of many people.

As a result, they appear in a range of creative forms, such as paintings, films, animation, and more. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, use this easy drawing tutorial to draw a tiger in 8 straightforward steps.

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Drawn a Tiger


  • In this drawing lesson, let’s start with the tiger’s head. Start by tracing curved lines around the tiger’s small, rounded ears.
    Draw some angular, pointed lines on the back of the skull after the ears are positioned to add the hair.


  • Outline the skull.
  • Pay close attention to the reference image for direction, as the following few stages may be tricky.
  • I advise starting these subsequent stages with a light pencil and finishing with a pen once you’re happy with how it looks.
  • The tiger’s chin, open mouth, forehead, and inner ear line will be added to finish this step.


  • Don’t forget the tiger’s face.
  • Once you’ve finished drawing the tiger’s head, you can start drawing its visage. Drawing in each face component one at a time will be helpful because this is another challenging step.
  • Draw curved lines with circles inside them to represent the tiger’s small, menacing-looking pupils.
  • After that, you can give it open lips and a rounded snout. Once drawn, your tiger needs to have pointed canines in its mouth.
  • Once more, I would suggest starting with a pencil and ending with a pen.
  • I’m sure you’ll succeed if you take your time and give attention to the small details.


  • Start including the excess.
  • After sketching your tiger’s head and face, you can move on to drawing the torso. As seen in the illustration, your tiger should have rounded shoulders and a relatively upright back.
    Add a lovely, rounded chest next, with a few jagged edges to make it look furry.

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  • Let’s now include a tail and a few limbs.
  • Your tiger drawing requires legs now that it’s starting to take shape. The front limb closest to us will be comparatively straight and end in some curved paws.
    Following the addition of the stomach, the back limb, which can be drawn with a more rounded form, can be added. The final possibility is to include a straight tail that bends at the end.


  • Next, we’ll draw the tiger’s rear legs.
    Given the legs you drew in the previous step, these subsequent legs should be considerably more manageable.
    To complete the other legs, add two legs that match the one you sketched but are on the opposite side of the tiger.
    The reference picture will show you how it should look, so when you’re happy with it, you can move on to the final few steps.


  • Give your animal some color.
  • You’re almost finished with this sketching lesson for tigers! However, a tiger wouldn’t be without stripes, so we’ll add some for this level.
    It might look complex when you look at the reference image, but it isn’t as challenging as it might seem.
  • Curved line shapes can be used to add stripes all over the tiger.
    Nevertheless, you are free to add stripes in any way you like; you are not required to duplicate the image exactly. Here, you can express your creativity by drawing the lines however you see fit.


  • Finish it off with some color.
    There were a lot of details to get right on this one, so once you have finished drawing your full tiger, you should be very proud of yourself. The drawing is finished, but your fantastic tiger image must still be colored.
    For this step, you should express yourself creatively and use vibrant colors.
    Since the primary colors representing tigers are vivid orange, black, and white, you can stick with them for an excellent drawing finish.
    That’s one method, but you could also get creative and use your preferred colors to make a more artistic, colorful tiger!

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