The Item That Was Invented by A Secretary and Sold For 47 million Dollars

Correction fluid or liquid paper used to cover up mistakes made when writing on a typewriter or white out is liquid correction paper. Students, faculty, and business professionals often use these types of tools to remedy errors made on papers before delivering, submitting, or turning them in.

Achievably, in 1951, a girl named Bette Nesmith Graham invented liquid paper item. At that time, she worked as a secretary at a bank in Dallas, Texas, and she needed a method to cover up her mistakes while typing. She experimented with various formulas at her kitchen until she found one that worked well for her.

Which item was invented by a secretary and later sold for $47 million dollars?

The correct answer is, Liquid paper

Different types of liquid paper

Fluid: Paper is a transparent liquid used to cover up-made errors. It can be purchased in small bottles. You can remove the lid and apply to as many of it as you please. After the paint dries, you can light the Correction up and write it again. It is a straightforward, quick method to temporarily remove errors that are usually permanent.

Tape: Corrective Tape is the most accessible sort of liquid paper. It has a gold appearance and is transparent. It’s best applied under pressure so as to correct mistakes.

Pen: Corrective Pen is another kind of liquid paper packaged in a large pen, so be sure to shake the pen before correcting your mistakes and allow it to dry.

Apparently, a lot of people use Liquid Paper to this day. Children, colleagues, and specialists all use Liquid Paper. It can be purchased at most stores, including grocery stores, stationery stores, Walmart, and convenience stores. How did a secretary fix the problem?

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Who originally created Liquid Paper?

Bette Nesmith Graham invented liquid paper. She was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1924. Her father passed away when she was six years old, and her mother was burdened with the task of bringing up the whole family. As a result, Bette had to drop out and get a job so she could support her family.

At 22, Bette worked as a secretary for Texas Bank and Trust. One day, she made a mistake while typing a letter and had no way to fix it. In a moment of frustration, Bette grabbed a bottle of gum-based paint, water-based paint, tacky cement paint, etc., from the art supply closet and used it to cover up her Mistake. To complete these actions, she used a mixer in her kitchen.

The letter’s paint dried promptly, and Bette had no difficulties finishing it. Bette soon realized that she is certainly not the only person who makes errors when typing and that there might be a demand for her invention. Along with her brother, she started selling bottles of Slip Up out of the trunk of her car.

Bette rebranded her Liquid Paper product and began mass-producing it very quickly. By 1958, the demand for Bette’s product had earned a large sum of money for her. Bette sold her company in 1979 for 47 million dollars to Gillette. She died of cancer in 1980, but her invention is still used throughout the world today.

Final Thoughts

Bette Nesmith Graham was a fantastic person who overcame many challenges throughout her life. She was a widowed mother who had to drop out of school so that she had time to raise her family. In spite of everything, Bette came up with one of the most famous and best-selling products of all time Liquid Paper. By changing the world with her work, Bette is a truly inspiring figure. You can join us on for more exciting articles.

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