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10 Places to Visit in Dubai with Kids

Who says that Dubai is just fun for adults, it has plenty of options for kids too. If you are looking for places to hang out with your kids, then you are in luck as we have selected 10 such popular places that offer the best entertainment. Want to know how to make your kids smile? Let’s start with the details.

Places To Hangout With Your Kids In Dubai

Where to go in dubai with kids ? Here is a comprehensive list prepared by us of all the places you can visit with your children. Have a read.

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1)      Dubai Ice Rink

For this activity you need to go to Dubai Mall, Dubai Ice Rink is the perfect location for you to have fun with your friends and family. The huge skating rink is ideal for adults and young kids. Your kids can also take skating lessons from experienced trainers, do not worry about safety as all the safety gear will be provided for them. All you have to do is pay AED 98 per person and get started.

2)      Legoland Dubai

Visit Legoland if you believe your children are ardent Lego fans. The more over 10 rides in this park will keep your youngsters occupied for several hours. Once you have Legoland Theme park tickets, you can also access a variety of eateries to get a bite to eat in between trips to the various attractions. Visit Legoland’s waterpark, that offers a variety of thrilling rides.

3)      Garden Glow

Do you want to know how to cut down on your carbon footprint through art? Then you should visit Garden Glow right away. The garden contains five zones and they have astonishing displays that lend a surreal atmosphere instantly. At this venue you will be treated to 500 or more interesting works of art.

4)      Green Planet

This is an artificially created tropical forest and is home to more than 3000 plants and animals. If you have wanted to see piranhas up and close then this place will give you the chance to do that. That is not all, you also get to learn interesting facts about the plants and animals that live there. This place is the ideal place for you to spend quality time with your kids, for AED 99, we would say that it offers good value for your money.

5)      IMG World Of Adventure

Want to see your kid’s faces light with joy? Then head over to this fabulous amusement park and step into a universe of Adventure and Magic. IMG World Of Adventure is a place that has many rides and not only will your kids enjoy them, but you too get the chance to relive your childhood days with full gusto. Sounds fun right?

6)      Butterfly Garden

This is another place that is suitable for your kids, this garden houses more than 15000 butterflies spanning over 50 species, isn’t that great? Also, you get to learn a great deal about the different varieties of butterflies. There is also an Insect Museum that is worth visiting. The entry fee for this place is AED 55 per person. Make plans for a butterfly garden if you visit Dubai.

7)      Aquaventure Waterpark

Want to avail of more than 100 rides with a single ticket? Then head to Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai and you will not be disappointed. The park is huge and it is spread over 2.4 million square feet. Visit Splasher Cove and be amazed with what it has to offer.

8)      Aventura Parks

For an incredible day filled with excitement and fun for both you and your children, head straight to Aventura Park. This destination promises to fulfill your quest for thrilling adventures. With a designated play area tailored for young children, brimming with a diverse range of games, your kids will have a blast and make lasting memories.

9)      Dubai Safari Park

There is no better place to spend quality time with your children than this. The desert safari dubai with kids is a true treasure. You and your children will begin on an excursion to visit a broad variety of exotic creatures once you have your Dubai safari park tickets. But things don’t stop there! Additionally, you’ll get the chance to discover fascinating details about these wonderful species. Visit the area of the park that is specifically devoted to African wildlife.

Hopefully, we have been able to take away all your confusion aboutthe places you want to hang out with your kids. You must bear in mind, that all the venues have strict rules that you need to comply with. Book your dubai safari park tickets online over the Internet as they tend to get sold fast.

10)  Bounce

Do your kids love trampolines? Well, then you should head out to this place without hesitation. The main attraction that your kids are bound to love is the ninja course, here they will have to display their speed and stealth to get through the course. This centre has many branches all over Dubai, and they have different attractions. Visit Dubai Consultation for move information.