A Quick Guide on Business Central Support

If you are a business professional, you have probably heard about Dynamics 365 Business Central, the cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. This powerful solution enables you to streamline your business operations, including finance, warehouse management, manufacturing, etc., making managing your business easier and increasing productivity.

Despite having enormous capabilities, Business Central faces challenges, too, from minor bugs to major roadblocks. This scenario demands the right Business Central support partner to help you seamlessly navigate any issues. The support partner provides technical assistance and aid in successfully implementing Business Central to revolutionise your business experience.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from why to choose the right partner to the essential key points to consider before selecting an ideal Business Central support partner. So, without any further delay, let us start our journey ahead.

Why do you need a Business Central Support Partner?

The question holds significance, as running a business without a support partner can be overwhelming. Even if you manage to keep the business viable, dealing with the issues related to Business Central, whether technical or financial, becomes daunting and frustrating.

On encountering any issue, the Business Central support partner can resolve it quickly without disrupting the current business operation. A support partner offers various services to ensure your business makes the most of Business Central benefits and maintains an edge over your competitors.

How to Choose an Ideal Business Central Support Partner?

We have already established that having a Business Central support partner at your disposal is essential for seamless business operations. Now, the main challenge is choosing the perfect support partner that suits your business and complements it to take it to the next level.

The following points will help you to shortlist a Business Central support partner suitable for your business.

 Business Central Expertise:

A partner should have a comprehensive understanding of Business Central and its industry-specific requirements to deliver an efficient support service. The article on the support partner’s website eloquently demonstrates their proficiency in providing reliable support services to satisfy your business needs.

 Support Resources:

The support resources are crucial to assist the service agents with customer issue resolution at the time of requirement. To minimise downtime and increase productivity, resources such as the workforce, knowledge-based articles, and support tools offer agents the information and direction required to address problems promptly and efficiently.

If you look at the reviews on the support partner’s website, you can assess their competence in managing customer cases.

Previous Industry Exposure

Before selecting a support partner, it is essential to determine if they have collaborated with a business from a similar industry, as this expertise ensures tailored solutions that meet the business’s specific requirements. You can verify this by checking their website’s case studies to ensure you receive effective support.

Key Consideration Before Choosing the Right Support Partner

As a business owner or decision-maker, verifying that your support partner is flexible enough to tackle your business issue is essential. When searching for an ideal support partner, it is crucial to evaluate the following points carefully for informed decision-making.

Support Services:

Analysing and understanding the range of Business Central support services provided by your partner is critical to fulfilling your business needs. You must thoroughly understand your business challenges before seeking specific support services. Technical support, training, customisation, and consultation are some of the services a support partner provides.

Technical support covers issue resolution, implementation, upgrades and maintenance. Consultation services may include technical guidance, discussion, and demo to evaluate growth opportunities and upgrade readiness. The support partner prepares your employees to maximise the platform’s potential through training.

Data Security:

The importance of data security cannot be overstated when selecting a Business Central support partner. Data security safeguards your company’s confidential information and ensures compliance with regulations. To protect your business from potential cyber threats, you must be aware of your support partner’s data security measures.

Warning Signs:

The selection of Business Central support service is significant in deciding a company’s future. To confirm their track-record of delivering high-quality support services, evaluating potential Business Central support partners thoroughly is critical. You must pay attention to essential factors such as service price transparency, staff qualification and their responsiveness to your queries.

Why choose Dynamics Square?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level with the right Business Central support partner considering the above tips, then it is time for the final revelation. Dynamics Square answers all your queries with its round-the-clock customer service and innovative enterprise solutions. It is Australia’s leading Business Central implementation and support partner to make your business thrive in this era of cut-throat competition.

Dynamics Square has successfully completed more than 500 projects across Australia which speaks highly of its glorious track record. Its support resource is robust, with 100+ subject matter experts having years of experience. Dynamics Square’s various references and success stories confirm 99% customer satisfaction with all its services.

At Dynamics Square, we understand that successful Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation needs a structured approach. Our proven method, which encompasses six distinct phases, including Diagnose, Analysis, Design, Development, etc., always positively impacts the implementation process.


Armed with our comprehensive guide, you can rest assured that you can now select an ideal Business Central support partner according to your business requirements. It is now evident that choosing wisely is crucial as the success of implementation depends on the relationship with your support partner. With the right support partner, you can be confident that your business is on the right track to achieving its full potential.