How do you get a low-cost or no cost phone number for texts and calls

A number that is ‘disposable’ is helpful when people or companies request an address.

You may have a connection with non-responsible number numbers with spy-related shows or popular shows such as The Wire and Breaking Bad But these second phone numbers are popular with ordinary people. Get free government iphone near you.

A secondary phone number provides a certain level of anonymity, can protect you from unwanted calls , and is inexpensive–sometimes even free. Additionally, you can change the number anytime you’d like.

Consider it as follows The same numbers used by scammers to hide from detection also be used to safeguard you. It is possible to keep your personal phone number , and be able to block unwanted calls.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 97 percent of Americans were using phones by 2021. According to the Federal Communications Commission indicates that unwanted calls rank as the number most common complaint made by consumers.

Customers have reported paying around $143 per month in 2022 to get cellphone service from the major cell phone providers in a study conducted by JD Power, a Troy Michigan-based firm for market research. Customers who opted for Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs)–usually prepay carriers that work through national cellular networks — said they spent on average $85.

“Having a second phone number just to provide to service companies is a perfectly good way to route all those potential sales or service calls to a phone line that your friends and family don’t know about,” suggests Bill Budington, technologist Senior at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The non-profit group that defends privacy and civil liberties online Internet is based within San Francisco.

Let’s say that you frequently shop or sell items on Facebook Marketplace and prefer not to reveal your identity or have a second work in the field of Uber driver and require an individual number, or you want to have a different number to call family and friends that don’t receive constant messages from spammers or automated.

The year 2022 saw scammers sent 50.3 billion calls, down from 50.5 billion in 2021, based on information from YouMail the Irvine California-based roboblocking firm. YouMail predicted the numbers based on feedback from its users who use its app for free. In the month of January, 2023, there was 4.5 billion automatic calls. That, according to the company, is approximately 14 calls per user.

In this regard, having a different phone number is a smart step. You can also carry the number wherever you are or establish an account regardless of the the area code.

Why not impress your acquaintances with the Beverly Hills 310 area code even though you live in the snowy Maine? Additionally, online dating could be more secure when you keep your personal information concealed by using another phone number.

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Reservations are free with no reservation

A lot of apps provide disposable numbers that don’t require you to purchase an unreusable phone. They all make use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which transforms your voice into an electronic file that permits you to send and receive phone calls on the Internet.

There are solutions for all those who wish to conceal their identity. The apps listed below are compatible with Android as well as Apple smartphones.

Google Voice.

It allows you to make and receive texts and calls from the US number that you select from numbers in specific areas. To start you’ll require an Google account, for example an Gmail address. Google Voice calls and text messages are free when you have your personal Google Voice accounts in the US and Canada.

If you make an international phone call and you are charged the normal international rate. If you make use of Google Voice to make a call outside of the US You’ll be charged for roaming costs.

One of the main functions that Google Voice has is Google Voice is the transcription of voice messages. So you can listen to the words of a voice message using the application , or get it delivered via email. It is possible to forward calls and manage them with a pre-recorded response.

All messages, texts, or voice calls are saved and stored on a backup, so it’s simple to search through your past. Google Voice syncs across all your devices.

Cost. It’s free, but only for a phone number. In addition, adding a second number on Google Voice has a one-time cost of $20.


It is regarded as the first cost-free texting application . TextFree provides another line on the top of your iOS and Android device, at no cost. It lets you receive calls and messages at no cost however, if you wish to contact someone who is not an TextFree subscriber, then you need to be able to earn or purchase minutes.

You can purchase 100 minutes in increments starting at just $1. Earn free minutes for watching videos within the app or by doing something that is tied by an advertiser.

Cost: There is no cost with pop-up ads costing $9.99 per month. $9.99 per month with no ads.


This app for disposable numbers provides unlimited calls and texts since its launch in 2009. TextNow offers a free second number to make and receive messages and calls in both the US as well as Canada.

It supports calling forwarding and spam block messages, auto-reply, and teleconferencing and supports images, emojis, GIFs and videos. It’s not just for Android as well as Apple smartphones but also on Mac as well as Windows tablets and computers.

Cost . Gratuitous.

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5 additional application options


So long as you’re within either the US and Canada, Burner can provide users with a contact number to make calls, text messages and voicemail. The app, which has been around for nearly 21 years, allows you to mute, block calls, or even approve calls. It also comes with the Ghostbot feature that will send automatic responses to people you wish to contact.

The app allows you to block unwanted calls. Be aware that calls that you make using your new phone number will use the data you normally use for your service. Burner has extended its service in order to integrate it with third-party applications, like Dropbox, Google Sheets, and Slack with an additional cost.

Cost. The cost can be as high as $4.99 each month, for a single line.

Cover Me.

If you’re in need of a private communication that you’re after, CoverMe hides your phone number by using what they call “military-grade encryption.” It comes with a secure camera to save texts and messages. Additionally, you can make messages automatically deleted when needed.

CoverMe can only be used with the person you are communicating with is using the same app.

Cost . $7.99 monthly, $29.99 annually.


Similar to Burner Hushed, Hushed permits you to dial numbers from more than 40 countries. People outside of Canada and the US and Canada are charged differently. It also gives unlimited text and talk in North America. You can select between pay-as you pay as you.

Cost. Trial for free of three days. US and Canadian numbers. $4.99 for a month.


It was developed for self-employed entrepreneurs, and has the most professional, disposable number. With unlimited calling across all of the US and Canada Line2 lets you connect a second number on your existing phone, and also make conferences, as well as a free line as well as an auto attendant system to take to calls and redirect them.

It is an alternative for a short-term solution or an all-time professional line. You can also make calls using either your Mac as well as your PC.

Cost. Starting at $15.99 per month.


The service allows users to have access to another number but also provides you with the option of having multiple phone numbers to separate communications that is related to work or sale of goods or even your personal life. You can use this number over a longer time or only for a brief period of duration. Numbers are accessible for greater than thirty countries.

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