How much does a hydraulic torque wrench cost?

When a customer wants to purchase a set of hydraulic wrenches, they frequently inquire about the price.

Hydraulic wrenches typically fall into one of two categories: Low-profile hydraulic torque wrenches and hydraulic torque wrenches with square drives. The torque determines which models are included in each series. Most driving wrenches use between 2000 and 20,000 Nm, with 2000 Nm costing $1100 to $1350, 5000 Nm costing $1800 to $2400, 10,000 Nm costing $2300 to $2900, and 20,000 Nm costing $2800 to $3500.The price goes up with the torque, which can reach 140,000Nm at its maximum. This kind of wrench is best and lasts longest if there is enough space for work.

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Additionally, the impact socket and the square drive type wrench must work together. The square drive of the wrench is connected to one end of the socket, and the other end of the socket is directly sleeved on the not’s a result, the square drive and nut sizes of the socket must be known, such as 1″ square drive and M42 nutling general, a one-inch socket costs between $25 and $70, a 1.5-inch socket costs between $35 and $130, a two-inch socket costs between $45 and $150, and a 2.5-inch socket costs between $75 and $390.The size of the nut affects how much it costs in particular.

There are two types of cassette wrenches: ultra-thin type and ordinary type. The power head of an ordinary cassette wrench is thicker than the working head, whereas the working head of an ultra-thin cassette wrench is exactly the same in thickness, allowing it to be used in very small spaces. Learn More

The general power head and the cassette, also known as the ratchet link, are quoted separately for standard cassette wrenches. A 5000Nm power head costs between $550 and $700, while a 5000Nm cassette costs between $540 and $690.The 10000Nm power head costs between $950 and $1100, while the 10000Nm cassette costs between $930 and $1050.Additionally, a 20000Nm power head costs between $1300 and $1650, while a 20000Nm cassette costs between $1250 and $1600.

The 3000Nm power head costs $640-$950, the 3000Nm ratchet link costs $610-$900, the 10000Nm power head costs $1100-$1400, and the 10000Nm ratchet link costs $1050-$1360 for ultra-thin cassette wrenches.

This kind of wrench is better if there isn’t much room for work, and it has another advantage: the same power head can be used with different sized cassettes and directly on the nut.Customers must be equipped with a reducer if they wish to apply a single model to multiple nuts.

Reducers cost between $50 and $59 for 3000Nm wrenches, between $60 and $70 for 5000Nm wrenches, between $80-$95 for 10000Nm wrenches, and between $100 and $155 for 20000Nm wrenches.

From a different angle, if the customer doesn’t know how much torque he needs, he can look at the prices for different sizes of bolts:

The A/F (across flats) size for M33 10.9 bolts is 50 millimeters, and the appropriate wrench costs between $1100 and $1400.The A/F size for M39 10.9 bolts is 60mm, and the appropriate wrench costs between $1100 and $1700.The A/F size of M45 10.9 bolts is 70mm, and the appropriate wrench costs between $1500 and $1800.The A/F size of M52 10.9 bolts is 80mm, and the appropriate wrench costs between $1800 and $2300.The A/F size of M60 10.9 bolts is 90mm, and the appropriate wrench costs between $2200 and $2800.The A/F size of M72 10.9 bolts is 105mm, and the appropriate wrench costs between $2800 and $3900.

In addition, the price will be approximately 10% higher than that of standard products if customers need to customize their own brand or design.

The wholesale price, which is between 20 and 50 percent less than the standard quotation, can be enjoyed by the customer if the single purchase quantity is relatively large and the customer is an agent.

All of the above are standard wrenches. We require the customer to provide a specific working condition diagram if the customer’s working conditions are extremely unique. Based on these data, we will recommend the appropriate model. We will offer the customer a bespoke solution if the standard model cannot meet the demand.

Given the wide range of prices for hydraulic wrenches available on the market, what are the primary factors that influence these prices?

1. Brand value at the moment, international brands that are relatively well-known in the market have relatively strong brand value. Although their production costs only make up a small portion of the sales price, many customers still pay for them, primarily because they are involved in brand promotion and marketing. Hefty expenditures in marketing and other areas, excellent brand premium ability

2. Production capacities a company’s purchase cost, production cost, and delivery time can be greatly reduced with sufficient production equipment and strong production capacity, resulting in a very competitive final product price.

3. Focus some suppliers may not be able to conduct in-depth research on a particular kind of product or have such plans because they have a large range of products and a lot of products. It’s not hard to imagine what they produce.

4. Raw materials this includes things like whether the wrench’s body is made of aluminum-titanium alloy, if the quick couplers are made of imported CEJN, if the seal kits work well, and so on.

5. The entire processing technology’s process flow, which includes things like wire cutting, CNC processing, lathe processing, heat treatment, oxidation, polishing, assembly, calibration, and debugging, among other things. To guarantee the quality of the finished product, each process must adhere to the appropriate process standards. Due to the lack of stringency in many small suppliers’ quality standards, finished goods of varying quality are produced.

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6. After-sales support the purchase of goods is only the beginning. During operation, customers encounter a variety of issues that must be resolved by after-sales service. There are typically a few options: send free parts to customers or send them back to the factory to be fixed, or send technicians to the scene to help if it’s needed. These services might not be available to small suppliers and trading businesses.

7. Stability of the workforce the stability of the workforce, particularly of technicians and skilled workers, is of the utmost significance and has a significant impact on the level of assembly and quality control. Or Learn More  

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Another question that has a lot to do with customers is how to maintain hydraulic wrenches.

1. Professionally trained personnel must operate the hydraulic torque wrench. The operation manual must be carefully read and comprehended by the operator, as must the installation, commissioning, operation, and upkeep of the hydraulic torque wrench.

2. The hydraulic oil selection: The reliability of the hydraulic torque wrench hydraulic system, as well as the hydraulic torque wrench’s efficiency, service life, and economics, are all determined by the quality, cleanliness, and working viscosity of the oil .Anti-wear hydraulic oil must therefore be utilized. The hydraulic oil must have a density of 0.884G/CM2, a flash point of 255°C, a point of -9°C, a viscosity of 68CM2/S (40°C), and a viscosity index of 102. It must also have a point of -9°C.This hydraulic oil is beneficial for the extremely tight work of the hydraulic torque wrench’s cylinder and can stabilize the hydraulic system, reduce the effect of oil temperature on viscosity, and improve the system’s wear and corrosion resistance.

3.Control the system’s oil temperature: The system allows oil temperatures as low as 25°C.The best working temperature is 35-45°C, but anything higher than 45°C is bad for the system. The system should be checked immediately if it exceeds the specified value.

4.Examine and discover issues promptly: When the hydraulic system fails, such as when the oil pressure fluctuates or the temperature of the oil rises rapidly, Analyze the cause promptly, fix the problem, and prevent the hydraulic torque wrench from operating while ill or causing major accidents.

5. Routinely inspect the hose joints to prevent oil leakage and loosening.6. The hydraulic components cannot be removed and replaced by the operator without prior authorization. The equipment maintenance technician should make prompt repairs when a failure occurs.

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