Is Your Orbi Not Connecting to App? Try These Solutions!

It has been found that 7 out of 10 netizens have installed an Orbi mesh WiFi system in their houses. After all, the Netgear Orbi is a wonderful mesh system to blanket the dead zones with a super-fast internet connection. After installing the WiFi system via, a user is advised to connect it to the mobile app so that the home network’s management can be done from the palm. But, does every user gets success with this process? No.

Keeping that in mind we’ve tried to sum up the necessary information regarding the Orbi not connecting to app issue in this piece of writing. So, let’s take the plunge and find out why the issue occurs and how to fix it like a pro.

Solutions: Orbi Not Connecting to App

Giving a shot at other hacks will come later, let us first make you aware of the fact that you may experience problems with the Orbi app if it is not operating on the latest software version. Therefore, ensure that the app is flaunting the latest version.

You can do so by accessing the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There, search for the Orbi mobile application and see if any updates are pending. If yes, then update the app right away. In case the Orbi not connecting to app is still giving you trouble, walk through the hacks provided below.

  1. Use the App within Orbi’s Range

Apart from the outdated version of the app, your too much distance from the router can be the reason why you are facing problems connecting the Orbi to the app. Perhaps, you are trying to use the app outside the WiFi range of the router.

To do away with the issue, we advise you to get a little closer to the router and try to connect it to the app again. If you get success, then well and good. Otherwise, walk through the next hack. Also, ensure that you are putting in the correct Orbi WiFi password to use.

  1. Close Unwanted Apps

If your Orbi is not connecting to the app, then unwanted apps opened in the background can also be the reason. It is because when a lot of applications are working, then the mobile device is unable to work optimally.

Therefore, we advise you to reduce the number of apps working in the background. Once done, check if the issue you were facing has been resolved or not.

  1. Delete the App’s Cache

Clutter always creates a problem. There is a possibility that the cache stored in the Orbi app is not allowing the connection with the router. So, you are required to delete the cache of the Orbi mobile application.

In an order to delete the cache of the app, you are required to access the mobile device’s settings and locate the targeted app under the Apps and Games menu. Once found, select it and erase the cache stored in the app.

  1. Check the Internet Connection

Perhaps, the Orbi not connecting to app issue has arisen due to the poor internet connection. Are you sure that your WiFi router is receiving a stable internet connection from the modem? Well, let’s check it.

In case you’ve established a wireless connection between your devices, then you are advised to verify the distance between them. If it turns out to be more than the expected value, make the required amends. However, if a wired connection has been established between your devices, you must have a look at the Ethernet cable. It is supposed to be non-damaged anyhow. Know that in the lack of a sound internet connection, you won’t even be able to access for the router’s management.

Sum Up

That’s all about resolving the Orbi not connecting to app issue. It is assumed that you will be able to identify the root cause behind the issue and troubleshoot it efficiently. However, if you are looking for a way to improve your mesh WiFi system’s performance, consider upgrading Orbi firmware for the router and satellite on a regular basis.