Some future crypto predictions in 2023

Cryptocurrency is a popular technology in the digital world. The foundation of this new decentralized monetary technology was set by an anonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto who founded Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. Although the mystery remains about his real identity, his innovation gathered more attention. Through the decades there have been ups and downs in the crypto space where prices of cryptocurrency had been vulnerable to market volatility. And now since 2022 is nearer to its end, there is much curiosity in knowing about the future predictions about crypto in 2023. So what are the new developments that we are going to see in 2023? If you are curious in knowing all about then do stay abreast with this article till the end. 

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Going back to 2021, the trading of the foremost cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was done at $50K, and there was no possibility of watching sports without seeing an advertisement for cryptocurrency, and one could feel getting richer or have imagined that way. There have been predictions made on crypto developments by experts. Well, there is no such crystal balls factor, often what has been said in prediction does not come true. There can be uncertain changes. Well, let us get back to our main topic:

Future crypto predictions in 2023

Apart from brushing up on knowledge in finding the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet, crypto enthusiasts are also interested in knowing about the upcoming future crypto predictions of 2023.

Clashes over harsh crypto regulation

When it comes to future predictions for 2023, then we might expect a clash over crypto regulation might reach its final end. There can be proposals for stricter crypto regulation and a fight over it among the community that could threaten decentralization. 

Continuous growth in Web3 platforms

The coming 2023 is foreseeing a consistent rise in the Web3 platforms and protocols. We can also expect growth in on-chain social graphs, crypto-engrossed social experiences, and interoperable identity. 

More to see losses and pain

The contagion will not end further in 2023. Moreover, it will multiply in the form of the closure of funds, and we might also have to see companies losing their momentum. The spread of contagion will go to take place on a vast scale and will be too difficult to be measured. 

Fashioning of Web3

Web3 will be getting a makeover on its adoption, according to the chief metaverse officer at Journey, Cathy Hackl. According to her, there will be more associations between Web3 personalities and consumer and luxury brands that aim to introduce more new commerce models and customer touchpoints. She has also made an additional prediction, regarding the growth of generative artificial intelligence and the possibility of a blockchain role that would help differentiate the creation of content both by AI and humans. 


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