What Are The Must-Have Features Of Document Management System?

“A document management system should have all required functionalities. Read this article to know about the important features it should have”.

The document matter management software is based on Go Paperless technology that involves document digitization flow, matter-centric document flow along with e-signature integration, and many more. It also integrates with other tools such as OCR, billing, accounting, etc that accelerate document management in the law firm.

If you plan to get litigation case management software in India, then read the article to know what the must-have features are that you should get in it.

Document Storage

The document management software or litigation case management software should have unlimited document storage options that are totally industry compliant. If you are working in the personal injury law field, then you must remember to have a HIPAA document storage-compliant setting.

Apart from that, make sure you can use the storage of your documents management software and it supports almost every version of documents. However, in legal tech, it will not be a problem, as you can get the option to convert any type of document easily.


While many firms still choose to have in-office servers to store their documents and other information, others prefer to have the freedom and cloud access cost savings. Custom legal case management software allows you to reach your documents anytime from any part of the world. Apart from that, it also makes sure that you are ready for anything in the courtroom. To get the security profile stronger, you should. Check whether it comes with role-based access and 2-factor authentication or not.

Easy to Edit

For law firms, you may need one central document repository. In that case, it could be quite difficult to know that all documents are uploaded in the right place. Apart from that this is also difficult to get everyone for downloading and reuploading the documents promptly every time. In that case, the easy-to-edit feature in your document management software or legal case management software India allows you to edit the uploaded documents anytime without needing to re-download or re-upload it.

Document Sharing

How can you share all the important documents from another outside of the firm? If you do the same, then can you guarantee that it will be a secure move? In that case, secure document-sharing links can help. This link-sharing option allows the user to send the documents easily with the appropriate user permission, password protection, and expiration dates. So, you should look for document management software that allows you to share links easily and securely.

Optical Character Recognition

This is another specific feature of the litigation management system India. It allows you to scan documents with imaging technology and store them digitally. In that case, the OCR technology allows turning printed documents into machine-encoded text. This way, the handwritten text will be easy to read, search, copy, and paste. OCR can also put all the relevant data and insert it into any appropriate region.


The above are the must-have features of document management software or litigation management tool in India. If you have document management software, then having the above features can make all the difference in your day-to-day operation. Consider the above features and go paperless with the best features available.