Best Escape Rooms in the World for Kids

Escape rooms are the ultimate fun and the epitome of adventure, aren’t they? And when you know you will get locked up inside to break free within a specific time limit, it makes it more thrilling as the clock ticks away! 

To begin with, a conventional escape room is a chamber you physically enter and must leave by solving puzzles, challenges, or riddles. Although you can engage in this activity yourself, playing against a buddy or the other team makes it more difficult. We can always leave any of them if we choose to, but the trick is to figure out how to do so by following the signs rather than simply going when you’ve had sufficient. 

You can ultimately try out these eight urban and unique escape rooms with kids. 

1. Breakout Escape Room

Amazingly designed in-person and virtual escapes with fantasy, thriller, crime, and mystery themes awaits you exclusively at Breakout® Escape Space. You can also implement your kid’s birthday celebration here. The service offers an impressive delight for any age, theme, or event you choose! There is everything you wish to combine with an escape room experience at Breakout Escape Room.  

2. Asteroid Collision Escape 

You currently reside in space aboard the spacecraft Freedom 2 in the year 2135. Sadly, miners erred, and a significant portion of an asteroid is now heading directly for Freedom 2. Numerous thousands of people will die. To enter your hidden lab, break the code, and safeguard the spacecraft, you have 40 minutes. 

3. Escape from Starkiller Base 

You’re needed to assist the Rebel Alliance! Although challenging, the assignment requires you to sneak into a First Order Star Cruiser ship positioned atop Star Killer Base. You must steal details about the First Order’s facility for building starships. You can force the First Command to concede defeat by the Rebellion by destroying the factory where the warships are assembled. 

4. Hogwarts Online Escape Room 

Composing Bring the World of Harry Potter Home for the Youngsters led us to discover this Escape Hunt. You’ve just landed at the Hogwarts Academy of Wizardry and Sorcery and have been assigned to your new House. The school prefect informs you of a recent muggle craze in which participants imprison themselves in chambers and must solve riddles to escape – no enchantment! 

5. Marvel’s Avengers: The Hydra Base Escape  

Just recently, the Avengers Project hired you! Your first task is to locate a world-ending apocalyptic gadget administered by secret Hydra operatives in a metropolis and figure out where it is. Nevertheless, as soon as you and your crew approach the command center door, the Hydra base containing the intelligence is isolated. What’s next? It’s easy (relatively). Find the password to disable the base’s security protocols so you can leave by solving all the challenges to find and decrypt the whereabouts of the apocalyptic gadget. 

6. Spy’s Apprentice Escape 

Your lifelong goal has been to emulate one of history’s greatest spies, Carmen, and realize this dream. All of your abilities will now be put to the test at last! In your quest to discover wherever Carmen has gone, Carmen’s mysteries will take you throughout the globe. 

7. The Looney Tunes Escape  

Since youngsters adore cartoons, they might also enjoy this. By accomplishing all the objectives and decrypting the codes, you can traverse the realms of the Looney Tunes protagonists. Experience those cute little characters, Lola, Daffy, and others, to have the childhood nostalgic touch! 

8. Si5 Spy Missions 

Here are two challenges at Spy Missions that are specially made for children. For youngsters ages 6-7; 

• Intervention: Malice’s Revenge is available. While attempting to save the world, they will investigate a ship disguised as agents, climbing across passageways and vents in quest of hidden buttons and instructions.   

• Intervention: Shadow Force is a game for children ages eight and up. They will infiltrate a ship employing a top-secret hovercraft, avoid lasers, work o to finish their tasks, do puzzles, and open safes. 


Innumerous escape rooms are formulated worldwide for kids to spark excitement, fun, and personalized development in each aspect with the employment of their teen skills. So, choose what’s best for your kid’s taste as per their preference!