Can’t Log in to Arlo Security Camera? Let Us Help You!

To observe the happenings of the house, one set up an Arlo security camera. But, no matter whether the user has performed an Arlo Pro 3 floodlight setup or has installed an Arlo baby camera to monitor kids’ activities, he/she has to log in to it. It has been noticed that some users are experiencing issues while logging in to their security devices. In case you also belong to that lot, this post consists of some tips for you. After implementing them, you will be able to log in to your camera with ease.

However, before all else, we want to shed light on the instructions to perform the Arlo security camera login. Maybe you’re following the incorrect steps due to which the success is not knocking at your door. Check out the correct instructions in the next section.

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Instructions to Log in to Arlo Security Camera

  • First of all, ensure that your Arlo Security Camera is properly charged.
  • Thereafter, provide the home network’s 2.4GHz band access to your camera.
  • Unlock your phone or switch on your computer.
  • Launch the Arlo Secure app [mobile] or web browser [computer].
  • Visit on the web browser to reach the Arlo login window.
  • You will be automatically taken to the Arlo account login page if you are using a mobile app.
  • Now, enter the login credentials of your Arlo account and click or tap Log In.

This is it! You’ve successfully logged in to your Arlo Security Camera. However, if the table still doesn’t turn to your side, it is a sign that you’ve committed some mistake. What’s that mistake? The next section will shed light on that.

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Mistakes Leading to Arlo Login Issues

  • You won’t be able to log in to your security camera if you are not using an updated version of the web browser or the Arlo app. No matter whether the steps followed by you are correct or not, the success won’t hug you if you haven’t used an updated platform for the camera login process.
  • Incorrect use of the login credentials can also result in security camera login issues. There is a possibility that you’ve entered the password without considering special characters which is the primary requirement.
  • The lack of a proper internet connection is also one of the factors causing login issues. Perhaps, one device out of your Arlo camera or the device used to log in to it is not accessing a high-speed internet connection.

So, these were the reasons due to which you might fail to do the Arlo camera login. Apart from this, if you are using a web browser, then make sure that the web address is entered into the address bar. However, the web browser or the app used for logging in to the security camera must not be accumulated with junk. Now, refer to the next section and learn what troubleshooting techniques can help you fix the issue.

Fixed: Arlo Security Camera Login Issues

  • Irrespective of the platform used to log in to the camera, the one currently in use must flaunt its latest version. FYI, a web browser can be updated by navigating to the settings section. On the other hand, if the Arlo app is your companion for the login process, consider updating it by making your way to the Google Play Store [Android] or App Store [iOS].
  • The password and username of your Arlo account are case-sensitive. Thus, you cannot enter them just for the sake of entering. You need to keep your eyes open while making the Arlo camera login details entrée. Keep the Caps Lock key off to avoid unnecessary capitalization of letters and cross-check the entry before selecting Log In.
  • You need to provide proper internet access to your Arlo camera in order to log in to it and manage it. For this, you can either provide the 2.4GHz band internet access via the router directly or make use of the base station. Note that when you use the base station, you need to connect it directly to the main host network and sync it with the camera thereafter.

The Final Thoughts

That’s all about what to do if you are facing issues while logging in to your Arlo security camera. We hope that now you’ve successfully logged in to your security device. So, what are you waiting for? Manage the camera’s settings the way you fancy. Read more.

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