Amazing Advantages of Using X-Ray for the Food Industry

X-rays machines are of utmost importance in the healthcare industry. But did you know that the food industry has been utilizing x-ray technology since the 1990s? It helps manufacturers detect harmful contaminants like metal, glass, and bone.

But x-ray inspection does much more than protect consumers. Here’s why an X-ray for food industry is extremely beneficial:

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  1. Consumer protection

Contamination may happen anytime in the production line. Even if manufacturers try their best to get rid of foreign bodies in processes, food, and procedures, contamination can still take place. This is where X-ray machines can be of great help as they quickly detect:

  • Metal
  • Mineral stone
  • Glass
  • High-density rubber and plastic
  • Calcified bone
  • Quality assurance

The food industry is always under pressure of delivering good quality food. Food inspection devices such as modern X-ray systems help manufacturers perform a range of product integrity checks:

  • Counting components
  • Measuring mass
  • Looking for damaged packaging
  • Identifying broken or missing products
  • Checking seal integrity for contaminants or trapped food
  • Controlling fill levels
  • Safeguarding brand reputation

If consumers find harmful elements in a particular product, it can have various damaging consequences for the brand. In case a customer registers a complaint, it is bound to mar the brand’s reputation. It might take years for the brand to recover from one such incident. Such incidents also bring down sales and cause huge losses for the company. With an x-ray machine, it is possible to make sure there aren’t any customer complaints ever.

  • Retailer trust

Multiple contract packagers and food manufacturers have already started installing X-ray inspection machines. It is widely accepted as the best machine to ensure the quality of premium products. So, global companies rely on X-ray equipment for inspiring customers to trust them. This helps them gain the trust of customers and retain them. That is how they win new customers in places where compliance and quality are major retailer requirements.

  • Great return on investment

X-ray inspection empowers the food industry and guarantees high ROI. It is one such advanced system that is bound to enhance the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Moreover, the machine is capable of performing a range of inspection tasks at the same time. With a single screen, companies can handle easier and quicker line changeovers. So, the downtime will be minimum along with very few operator errors.

The bottom line for X-Ray

So, x-ray technology can be a massive game changer in the food industry. All food manufacturers should take x-ray inspection seriously to preserve the market reputation of their brand. Investing in advanced machines like label applicator machine, x-ray machines, metal detectors, and check weigher can benefit the production line immensely.

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