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How UX Sold 5,000 NFTs in Less Than a Minute

Getting a customer’s attention is a hard act to follow in today’s marketplace. Attention Stretches are diminishing, customer demands and expectations are going up and the margin for error is small. The user experience is so essential because it’s a portal between a person & product. UX plays a vital role in selling purposes whether you use a website, app, software, or human-human sell. To understand how UX sold 5,000 NFTs in less than a minute, firstly you need to understand that the average buyer has around eight seconds of attention before moving on when creating a UX journey for a customer.

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Making a strong user experience is not easy peasy, students have to put a lot of effort to make a successful UX journey. Of that, they can’t give attention to assignments & projects. To make it simple and relaxing, they can get nursing assignment help UK to maintain their grades and performance and at the same time they can work on how to make the user experience best. Moreover, let’s see how UX sold 5,000 NFTs in less than a minute. 

Let’s Get To Know About UX Sold 5,000 Successful Journey 

Here look at an example, there was Juicero who tried to launch a revolutionary new product. A task was assigned to them with helping MonkeyLeague break into the hyper-competitive NFT market and sell monkey NFTs in a Play-To-Earn soccer game. Do you know the NFT market is possibly one of the most difficult to crack in the world? 

A young and fast-paced audience combined with a product that can be confusing at the best of times. They had to build a UX that would draw them in visually. Moods can change as the colors change. Red is energetic while blue is considered a calm color. Customers stay engaged with the complimentary colors. On the big day of release, the thing that Juicero couldn’t do, MoneyLeague proved that and saw a rapid involvement of customers. In just 22 seconds, 5,000 NFT monkeys were sold. The reason why UX achieved success in a tough crowd is that the UX of MoneyLeague had a host of features. This helps them to attract customers. 

Let’s see what works best for them:

  • The pages of the landing were shoveled. No need for too much reading and analyzing for customers to get to know what’s going on. 
  • Users could easily find out on the page what they need about NFT because it was accessible, usable, and findable.
  • Customers could know smoothly what MonkeyLeague was offering because of its clarity of pages and images.

The best thing about Monkey League is they created a strong and positive relationship with the customer and gilded them about the product. This relationship made by UX can be infinitely profitable for a business. Because of that, it is so significant for any ongoing or upcoming tech or creative business to learn how to fully utilize UX.

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Tips On What Makes UX Strong

As technology is developing speedily in today’s world and interconnectivity means the standards of UX are always growing. After researching too much here are some of the tips for what makes a strong UX.

1.   Recognize Your Target Audience

Doesn’t matter if the audience has different needs or wants but their collective desire is all the same. UX should convey the simple and clear message that you can be the solution to this overall desire and that you are the jigsaw piece of all their puzzle.

If you want to work hard on UX strategies but can’t because of the assignment’s workload. People get help with dissertation writing services UK to take time out to focus on other things. Enhancing the UX experience is not an easy task, you have to struggle for it.

2.  Remove Obstacles

Look at the UX experience you have created like what your customer is doing and what they want to do in the possible fastest way. Customers will love your brand more if you create a consistent and fluid experience for them.

3.   Always Ask “What?” OR “Why?” 

The reason why UX projects fail is that people do what’s been done before. They don’t try to develop something unique in their projects. And the initial designs don’t work anymore. The best designers always ask what & why. Their aim is to shake things up, and the result of this attitude is to build projects that change industries for the better.

Bottom Lines

Always aim to be solving a problem or achieving a goal when creating your UX. A strong UX does this through big data, simple design, and an understanding of who you’re talking to. If these all take too much time and you are worried about your assignments. Don’t affect your grades, contact with payforassignments.co.uk to maintain all things to gather. 

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