How To Draw A Crown Step By Step Drawing

How To Draw A Crown. Size is probably the most iconic sign of majesty and royalty. They have been seen on the heads of many kings and queens throughout history and now represent great wealth and power. Due to their associations, crowns are often very ornate and elegant, often covered in gleaming gold and precious jewels to make them sparkle and attract attention.

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It’s hard not to imagine what it would be like to have your crown to wear! If you’ve ever wanted to know what your crown would look like, this step-by-step guide on how to draw a crown will let you live out that royal fantasy. You can draw much more characters like goku drawing easy, cat drawing, Anubis drawing, a blueberry drawing, a cobra drawing, a coconut drawing, Apple Drawing, Cartoon, building, etc, and many more drawings for kids.

Step 1 Draw A Crown:

In this first step of our guide on how to draw a crown, we are going to start small. To start, simply draw two sharp curved lines with a round shape at the tip. This will be the first part of the crown edge design, and we will develop it in the next steps.

Step 2:

For this part of your crown design, we will continue adding to the part of the crown you started in step one. You can draw more of the edge of the crown, but bring it down slightly as you go. You can then create the sides of your crown using lines that curve inwards and then outwards. Once it examines like this in the reference photo, we can move on to step 3!

Step 3:

In step 3 of our guide on how to draw a crown, we’ll draw a base for your crown. Wreaths often have a band at the base which has a hairy texture, so this is the base we will be using for your wreath. Just draw a smooth line between the two sides of the crown to start. Then, using a more jagged line to represent the hairy texture, draw the rest of the base above the crown. Try to refer closely to the reference image so you get an idea of the angle at which the lines should be.

Step 4:

We will add some section details to your crown drawing in this step. To do this, we will use sharp lines to form triangular shapes descending from the slits between the tips of the crown. These touches will help give the crown design a bit more depth.

Step 5:

This step of our guide to drawing a crown will be fun because you can show your creativity in this step! Every wreath needs some fancy decorations, so we’ll add some for this step. We’ve only shown one way to decorate your crown in our reference image, but feel free to decorate it however you like! When it comes to crowns, the flashier the better! You have to draw as many diamonds, gems, and other details as you want to make it into a fancy crown. How do you decorate your crown design?

Step 6:

Before moving on to coloring your crown design, you can draw a few more details to make it look even more dynamic. We used a few lines on the tips of the crown and also used some on the inside to give it a bit more texture. You can also draw your fun details to bring this crown to life! Maybe you could draw lots of little lines on the hairy base of the crown to give it more texture. Or, you can draw more sections of the crown to build it up more, perhaps adding more rim pieces. There are so many ways to put your spin on that wreath, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Step 7:

You are almost at the end of this guide on how to remove a crown! Although it already looks cool and stylish, it needs a bit of color to bring it to life. Crowns aren’t known for being subtle, so for colors, you can go with your favorite bright colors! I think using a sunny yellow for the metal parts of the crown would look amazing, and if you have shiny gold paints, that would be more useful!

Then I think you could use some surprisingly vibrant colors for the jewel and the decorative inlays on the crown. This is an image that you could have fun experimenting with different artistic mediums. I would use acrylic paints and colored pens for this wreath myself, but whatever medium you use will add something special. For a nice finishing touch, if you have glitter or sequin pens, you can use them.