Top 10 Logistics Companies in India

Last year in December, I was at home in Jammu for celebrating New Year with the family. It was the time of Christmas with a chill in the air. I was catching on with what I missed while I was away.  I live in Delhi as it is a place of my work. One day one of my cousins asked me for suggestions on arranging logistics for the online business he was to start shortly. In short, I informed him there were the top 10 logistics companies in India that provided the best logistics services in the country.

All operations regarding procurement were in place but it was only the logistic that needed to be put in place, he said. He further added the online company would offer all types of dry fruits at competitive rates throughout India. The cousin also explained that exporting our products abroad was also afoot.  The company has been registered and export permissions had also been obtained. He told me that he had formed good business connections with all important farmers doing dry fruit farming.

Importance of Logistics 

Now, you might be wondering why my cousin was seeking my guidance. I understand you need to understand what expertise I have in the field. I should have informed you about my work experience and expertise earlier. Anyways, the present time is the most appropriate time to communicate with you. Presently, I am working at one of the leading oxygen generation plant companies in India. The company also runs an online division for selling oxygen cylinders online.  At the time of conceiving, I was given the responsibility to set up an online store for offering oxygen products for personal consumption.

It was during the time I set up the operations for manufacturing of oxygen for filling into cylinders and portable canisters that I realized the importance of logistics. There is no denying the fact that for successful running an online business it is important to get a solid relationship with one of the top 10 logistics companies in India. I scouted for marketing, sales, technical and logistic teams. It was a very stressful time but I succeeded in hiring the best teams for starting our endeavor. Still, there was a need for searching for a reliable logistic partner in order for our products to reach every nook and cranny of India.

In order to choose the best partner, I issued a notification for getting services to all the top 10 logistics companies in India. All of them sent us their terms, charges, and miscellaneous stuff for fulfilling our requirements. After receiving their answers, I decided to meet their managers. It was imperative at the time to form an idea about logistics. I met representatives of all the companies and in so doing I got acquainted with different aspects of the logistics. Over the years, my understanding of its importance has deepened greatly.

Best Logistics Companies in India 

Blue Dart Logistics Services

It is the most important logistic company with an extensive network spread throughout the nook and cranny of India. Their Blue Dart API is very popular with customers because of its automation and weather-resistant packaging.

Delhivery ECommerce Logistics

It is one of the leading logistics companies in the country offering same-day and scheduled deliveries. The company handles the logistics of around 8000+ e-commerce companies. 

Their services are seamless and guaranteed because of their world-class systems and technology.

FedEx Logistics Firm

FedEx is a global brand in logistics that offers state-of-the-art services to businesses in the country. They have got trained manpower with world-class transportation infrastructure for the procurement of high-value products.

They are so good that they can virtually transport anything even dry ice. They are the best firm for helping with handling customs for interstate and international shipments.

Ekart Logistics

Ekart has now become one of the important providers of logistic services. In the beginning, the company started as a Flipkart initiative but grew fast enough in the space of a few years. It is now recognized as a major logistic solutions provider.

DHL Logistics Company

DHL is a well-known brand for providing logistics globally. It has got an extensive network for ensuring reliable and trusted services. It has got over 790+ fulfillment centers in India.

Ecom Express Logistics Service Provider

It is one of the prominent logistic brands in India for providing end-to-end services for some of the leading e-commerce businesses. They deal with high-value goods such as jewelry as they have got high expertise in security and surveillance.

Shadowfax Company for E-commerce Logistics

Shadowfax is a globally acclaimed company providing logistic services to both domestic and international businesses. It is popular with customers because it offers both marketplace and warehouse pickups.

Also, the Indian logistic major also undertakes in-transit services for the 1st mile and last mile of delivery.  The business is trusted for its fast and express delivery.

 XpressBees Logistics Company

XpressBees has rapidly created a niche for itself through its network of 100+ distribution centers to ensure high efficiency in delivery. The company offers cash-on-delivery (COD) and also accepts online payment for its doorstep services.


Gati is a prominent name in the logistics sector in India. It entered the sector in 1989 and has since been making fabulous progress through its vast network of fulfillment centers. The company operates seamless services for pan-India deliveries.

The Logistic major has got hundreds of centers for speedy and guaranteed deliveries in the country. The Mumbai-based company offers many packages that you must choose from. They have tailored their services for a wide range of industries.

DTDC Logistics Company

DTDC is a logistics company that is famous for express delivery and has got thousands of customers in every Indian city. Most of the business of the company comes from e-commerce. They offer warehousing and COD services.  They also accept various other easy payment modes.