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What Are SAP HCM Concepts?

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is an enterprise solution that facilitates and organizes the human resource management of a company. SAP-HCM offers strategized solutions for (HR) Human Resources department for talent management, employee attendance, payroll, employee experience, etc. This platform assists the HR department in organizing and managing various HR processes more efficiently. In addition, SAP HCM can be used to automate various tasks within the organization, thereby reducing the manual work of the employees significantly. This platform enables organizations to maximize their recruitment and helps HR departments hire contractual, part-time, or daily-wage workers and maintain their records. Furthermore, SAP HCM is highly flexible and can be implemented with the existing company structure. Owing to all the benefits, companies increasingly choose the SAP HCM platform to effectively manage most of their operations. One can join SAP HCM Training as this skill is highly beneficial and helps one get better job opportunities in various IT companies.

This section offers insight into the different SAP HCM features and modules. Read on to know more.

SAP HCM Features

The key SAP HCM features include the following:

  • ABKRS: The ABKRS feature in SAP HCM allows the users to obtain the default value for the payroll area.
  • PINCH: The PINCH feature of SAP HCM is used to determine the default value for the Administrator group in the Infotype. The three administrator groups, PA, TM, and PY, can be defaulted into a single group using the PINCH feature.
  • SCHKZ: The SCHKZ feature in SAP HCM allows users to determine the default value for the WS rule in the Planned Working Time info type.
  • TMSTA: The TMSTA feature of SAP HCM enables one to determine the default value for the Time management status in the Planned Working Time Infotype
  • DATAR: DATAR in SAP HCM helps the users to determine the default day types in Date Specifications Infotype.

SAP HCM Training Modules

The SAP HCM platform is highly comprehensive and includes all components of the Human Resource systems. This platform is sub-divided into different modules, which are as follows:

  • SAP HCM Organisational Management

Organizational Management (OM) is the way to make multiple employees work under the same organization to achieve a common goal. This SAP HCM module facilitates data management of the employees, personnel planning, and analysis.

  • SAP HCM Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration (PA) is the process of managing the human resources within an organization. This module keeps track of every minute detail of the employees from the beginning.

  • SAP HCM E-Recruitment

The HCM Recruitment Module (PB) enables employers to acquire the right talent for the company. The PB module assists the HRs throughout the hiring process and manages organizational vacancies. This module manages tasks like scheduling interviews, tracking applications, application deadlines, etc.

  • SAP HCM Personnel Time Management

The Personnel Time Management module (PT) enables employers to keep a tab on the overall performance of an employee over a certain period. It enables one to track an employee’s impact on the organization and manages employee attendance, payroll, log-in and log-out reports, etc.

  • SAP HCM Payroll Accounting

The Payroll Accounting module (PY) under SAP HCM deals with all data related to the payment of employees. It involves calculating salaries, bonuses, comp-off, overtime payments, etc.

  • SAP HCM Training And Event Management (PE)

The Training And Event Management module (PE) enables the planning and execution of events like training and education of the employees. In this module, previous or existing events can also be used for reference.


Employee Self-Service module (ESS) under SAP HCM enables employees to track various data throughout their service in an organization. Management Self-Service (MSS) is similar to ESS and helps the management to track data related to their employees.


To summarize, SAP HCM is an expansive framework with multiple features and modules. The leading SAP HCM features include ABKRS, PINCH, SCHKZ, TMSTA, and DATAR. These features enable the SAP HCM users to effectively manage data and other values for better functioning. This platform is subdivided into various modules like Organizational Management (OM), Personnel Administration (PA), Personnel Time Management (PT), Training And Event Management (PE), etc., to assist HR and employees in managing various data within the organization. SAP HCM training is a highly beneficial course for aspiring HRs and can help them make significant career advancements. There are numerous websites where one can check the SAP HCM Certification Cost and join the SAP HCM Training course. This certification is highly valued by various IT companies and increases one’s chances of getting hired.