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Best Time to Send SMS Marketing and Email in 2023

Modern marketing is solely based on customer engagement and satisfaction. There are numerous ways to high customer engagement. However, SMS marketing and emails surpass them all. 

The consumers spent a maximum number of hours on their phones. This is to gain their attention the brands must pop up on their screen. SMS marketing and email are the best way to do so. 

The right decision at the right time is the most successful one, similarly, the right message at the right time is the only method to win customers. Moreover, the impact of email to SMS is different on your consumers. Thus everything depends on the strategic timing. 

Here in this article, we discuss the best time to send messages and emails and make the best strategy for SMS marketing to boost your sales. 

Things to be done before starting your SMS and email marketing

The success of an SMS campaign is affected by several reasons. The following things should be kept in mind when planning an sms campaign.

Focus on the Audience that you are engaging with. 

Each industry in which the firm operates is different. Each sector of consumers and audience is different. Therefore it is a crucial step that the brand first takes time to analyze its audience. Once you are aware of what your target audience wants you will be able to plan accordingly and choose the best time for them. 

Those who are new subscribers should feel valued and appreciated for being a part of your business community. Proper analysis of the audience will lead to the success of the marketing campaigns. 

Figure out when your audience is available. 

The second important thing after understanding your audience is that you have to figure out when your audience is available. Brands must think about the time zones when their subscribers are available. Analyze the time when they are interacting the most. This will help the brand to plan the campaign and take the necessary steps to time the SMS and email right to gain maximum engagement. The best way is to maintain a list of your customers who are active the most. These are your VIP customers as they are the ones who are interested in your brand. Thus the brand must cater to the best value. 

Understand the context of your message. 

The objective of sending messages to consumers is that they read them and take action. Thus to plan your campaign you are required to ask yourself the following questions. 

  •  What will my consumers do when they get the message? 

Understand the schedule of your audience. Are they relaxing? Are they in office meetings? Is it very early in the day? Isn’t it too late? Consider all the factors as they are crucial for setting up your SMS marketing campaign. 

  • Will they be able to complete the action I am asking them to do? 

For example, you are giving them a special discount to make purchases. Do you think that they will be able to purchase the limited-time offer? 

  •  Will this task provide them with value? 

Before planning anything please make sure that both the brand and the consumer are gaining in the process. The only way to convince consumers to do something is when you are providing them with some value. 

  •  Is it a pleasant week or some exciting holiday? 

During peak Marketing periods like festivals or Valentine’s day and other important days. If it is a time of high sales there are chances that small discounts attract consumers. 

What are the types of messages that I am sending? 

Are the messages promotional? Are the messages about the upcoming sale or event? Is there crucial information that is to be delivered to the consumers?   Is there any other information that must be given urgently? What information should be shared via e-mails and SMS?

The period selection depends on the type of message that you are sending.  

Maintain a balance between informational, educational, and promotional messages. Understandably, the message which contains information cannot be delayed. And there should be no delay in conveying it. 

Brands must remember that the consumers are also willing to feel heard as if their needs matter.  Make them feel heard by sending personalized text messages at the right time, giving them a chance to share their views and give feedback, etc. 

When should the brand Send an SMS? 

The above-mentioned things must be kept in mind before planning and sending the message.

Moreover, brands must figure out that not necessary everything can be conveyed through SMS, and email users don’t open email every time. Thus the right choice of email and SMS and timings matter to make your SMS campaign a success. 

Some of the research suggests that the SMS must be sent between 1 pm – 5 pm EST to get the maximum amount of SMS marketing. People tend to pay attention to almost every message they receive during this period. 

Also, the brands must think from their consumer’s mindset before formulating the SMS. This can help you gain maximum success from your SMS marketing campaign. 

When should you not send an SMS? 

Sending at least one or two text messages to all subscribers is highly recommended. This is one of the best methods to make revenue and engage the shoppers. More than 10-15 messages a month can be viewed as spam or have a chance of getting ignored by consumers.

Moreover, make sure if your brand is working globally, take care of the time zones. Make sure your SMS doesn’t reach the consumers when it’s their resting time. This may have adverse effects. People might get irritated and this might result in loss. They might opt out. 


Above is the detailed article which guides how to plan your SMS marketing campaign to time it right. By taking these steps the Brands can make the best of the SMS marketing campaign.