Improve the Efficiency of Your Workforce with TrackoField’s Dashboards

Managers who are only concerned with location tracking may neglect other crucial duties like assigning work and authorizing leave. TrackoField, a field employee management software, provides a thorough dashboard to prevent this from happening. We want to convey data visually because managers typically respond to it better.

The dashboard from TrackoField stands out since we concentrate on resolving problems for both managers and employees at the same time. Keep reading to learn more about the unique qualities of the available dashboard.

TrackoField offers Dual Dashboard.

TrackoField provides two apps. One focused on managers and the other on-field workers. We do this to prevent both parties from being overloaded with information. Dashboards for concerns offer features and data that will aid in automating their operation. They’ll be able to save time and effort this way.

What are the Features of TrackoField’s Dashboard

For Managers

For effective employee management, managers need field force management software. They require time and data to accomplish this, which will aid in their decision-making, task assignment, and schedule creation. The dashboard provides the necessary facts in one location and with real-time information.

  • Tracking of attendance and leaves: This section includes each field employee’s check-in and check-out times. It is possible to view even upcoming leaves or pending requests. This simplifies task assignments by letting the boss know which staff are present on the job site.
  • Task Updates: This dashboard feature assists in keeping managers updated on the status of tasks, the assignments made in the past, etc.
  • Battery and Network Status: To avoid work and calls, many field agents claim that their batteries are dead and their networks are down. Managers can check the battery and network status of agents using the software. Also, anytime an enters a no network zone, managers are notified.
  • Current Location: Managers can accurately track the agents’ current locations using the dashboard from TrackoField. Even past travels can be tracked.
  • Analytical Reports: It is possible to gauge the effectiveness of an employee’s performance by using real-time automated reporting. Customization enables the creation of numerous report types, including expense reports.
  • Orders Acquired: Through the door-to-door sales of field agents, managers can view the orders that have been acquired. They have the option of remotely approving the orders.

For Employees

Their responsibilities and shift schedules are described in full on the dashboards of the field staff tracking software. They will be able to do their assignment considerably more quickly because to these characteristics. They won’t have to waste time on pointless activities like information collecting. I’d much rather have it all in the software.

  • Attendance: Employees can access the software to view their attendance when necessary. Via it, they will be able to mark their presence.
  • Tasks: While traveling, the agents can check the details of the tasks they have been given, including the description, location, and modifications, on the dashboard.
  • Leaves: Field agents can submit requests for remote leaves through the dashboard. They can even see the current status of their request.
  • Expense: Field executives can submit their requests for reimbursement via the TrackoField dashboard. In the dashboard, they will be able to see the status of their request.
  • Sales Orders: When creating sales orders, door-to-door sales representatives can see the inventory and other product information.

Increase Workflow with TrackoField’s Dashboard

The dual dashboard can efficiently reduce the time and effort spent on mundane jobs that get automated with the analytical dashboards. They provide accurate information to both managers and employees. Having all the information in one place that too in real time is a bonus, and that’s what TrackoField aims to provide.

TrackoField is field force management software that offers various solutions that will help you manage your work and your employees lucratively.