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How to delete all data in mobile before selling it?

Before selling your old Phone to an online website, you must delete all your photos and videos. If you Sell a Phone at the Quick Mobile website, they will format your Phone before selling it to the next owner. But suppose you want to avoid getting into trouble. In that case, it becomes your responsibility to delete all data you need to follow some easy steps such as Go to Settings>> General Management>> Reset>> Factory Data Reset

In today’s world, one can quickly sell their used Phone at a reasonable price. Before selling your used Phone, you can browse the internet and search for certified resellers who can accept broken and water-damaged phones by offering a great price. Also, if you don’t know how to delete all data, you can get help from your family or friends. Whether you have an Android device or iPhone, the procedure for deleting the data is the same. From the Phone itself, one can delete their data by following these simple steps. Also, they don’t need to replay on anyone to wipe their essential data. 

Back up the phone before any procedure. 

If you don’t want to delete your personal information, you need to back up all your important photos, videos, call recordings, and WhatsApp chats. You should not sell your Phone without doing a backup; otherwise, all your important data may get lost forever. You don’t need to worry if you sell your old phone on the Quick mobile website, as they format the device before selling. You don’t know who will be your next owner, so it becomes essential to delete all data from the Phone at the correct time. Also, if you have stored all your essential data in a pen drive, you can transform your data into a new smartphone. As we all know, the Quickmobile website is one of the best places that accept all models of phones by giving the best price as they have loyal customers. Before selling your old Phone to the next owner, the Quickmobile website conducts multiple tests to get the best deal at an affordable price.

Clear the internal memory. 

Before clearing the internet memory, be sure that all your essential data is transferred to a new phone, backup, or both. Once your used Phone has reset, there is no going back option. So it becomes essential to check double before doing formatting. If you have planned to sell your old Phone, visit the Quickmobile website, as they can offer a reasonable price despite selling to friends or recycling. While doing this process, your phone screen will keep asking if you are sure, then click on Erase all data. All this process may take hardly three to five minutes. Your device will reboot and start by asking questions like setting, time, language, network, and many more. If you see this, you can know that your Phone has deleted all your important data. Selling old devices at trustworthy websites can be the best idea as they don’t cheat their customers. 

Follow the manual factory reset instructions. 

If you have decided to Sell a Phone, the last step is to follow manual factory reset instructions so your Phone can work like a new one. One should take your time during this process; otherwise, it can lead to big trouble. If you have an expensive iPhone, you don’t need to worry as they are fully secure. If you perform the factory reset option, all your data gets deleted at a time. You should also log out of all your accounts from the device before the factory reset. Also, if you don’t know how to perform a factory reset, you can read the instructions and do it according to them. You need to go into settings and select the factory reset option. You can also remove your Google account, but you should remove all your accounts at the same time. Now you can delete all data peacefully. If you leave your data on your old Phone, it may lead to unpleasant exposure. A factory reset can completely erase all your essential data on your phone so that the new owner of your device doesn’t create any future problems.              

They can save all their essential data in a Pen drive. 

If you don’t want to lose your essential data, you can save it into a pen drive. Once you have performed the factory reset option, there is no chance of returning your information. Before performing a factory reset, you need to check that no data gets left in your Phone. No one knows who will be the next owner of your device, so from your side, you need to maintain complete privacy. 


To avoid falling into trouble while selling your old smartphone, you need to back up all your essential data in a pen drive. If you Sell a Phone at the Quick Mobile website, you don’t need to worry, as they will do a factory reset so that the next owner can’t get your data. You should not sell your old Phone to any random local shop, as they can misuse your personal information. 

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