9 Ways to Leverage The Power of MMS vs SMS Messaging for Business

There are no two SMS messaging  initiatives that are the same; each has a distinct audience and goal. While some businesses rely entirely on bulk SMS messaging campaigns, others view it as an optional tactic. Businesses now more than ever prefer to spend money on SMS advertising because of its high success rate. Global mobile advertising spending is expected to reach 199 billion USD in 2020. 

Retail has spent the most on mobile advertising globally across other businesses. Isn’t it incredible? 90% of texts are read and seen within three minutes, making texting one of the most popular advertising channels in terms of marketing.

Businesses must master the art of optimising their sales since SMS messaging is certainly a profitable and cost-effective advertising medium. Let’s have a look at some strategies that businesses may use to improve their chances of success and generate more income.

Recognize Your Clients 

We all want to outperform the competition and excel as marketers, but what does success in marketing actually mean? An effective marketer is one who can relate to customers and recognise their needs. How is it feasible, though? 

The short and sweet answer is that you may establish a connection with your audience by creating an effective bulk SMS messaging campaign while keeping a user-centric strategy in mind. To strengthen the relationship and increase client retention, get to know your consumers and prioritise their requirements.

Assemble a focused SMS marketing team 

A full marketing effort cannot be managed by one individual. You must assemble a powerful SMS messaging team of very gifted individuals with depth in a variety of areas. The entire team must maintain a laser-like concentration while producing marketing material. 

A product expert, retail expert, marketing programme specialist, promotions expert, social media executive, budget analyst, and ROI analyst should all be on your SMS marketing team. To succeed, the team’s members must cooperate with one another.

Calls to Action Must Be Obligatory 

In your SMS marketing messaging, include a call-to-action (CTA) to increase client interaction. After all, your SMS messaging campaign’s main goal is to draw customers in, get them to read the text, interact with the business, and then take action. 

In addition to encouraging users to complete a purchase, CTAs also direct users as to what to do next. The customer’s experience is made easier, which motivates them to purchase the goods. Your chances of obtaining conversions may be reduced if there is no CTA in the SMS marketing messaging.

The Right Audience for the Right Message 

Analytics is essential in ensuring that the proper message reaches the right audience. You may segment the audience depending on demographics by looking at the purchasing behaviour of your customers. You may avoid pushing beauty items to an elderly person by using analytics. 

A solid SMS marketing plan may be created by your SMS messaging team using information gathered from various sources. The marketing team may further push the message directly to the appropriate audience and potential customers based on the customer data.

Correct Timings & a Clear Message are Essential 

Keep in mind that you have 160 characters to demonstrate your talent for content design. Make careful to communicate your point clearly and concisely without using slang, acronyms, or hype. Avoid being overly promotional; it might be irritating. 

When sending consumers promotional bulk SMS, you must be sure to time them perfectly. It makes no sense to send supper advertisements in the morning, so make sure that whatever your message is, you stick to the proper promotional timetable between 9 am and 9 pm.

Direct interaction 

Australians use their phones on average for 4 hours every day, according to research. We may suppose that because the average individual spends 15 hours awake each day, one-fourth of their attention is spent staring at a phone screen. 

You may reach your audience with SMS messaging at places where they already spend a lot of time.

Astronomically high open rates 

People adore SMS marketing, not just like it. 

Customers read about 95% of all company SMS messages. More than nine out of 10 people on your subscription list are represented by it. 

What’s best? There will be a response to over half of these messages. 

Customers will respond more positively to messages that are valuable and personalised.

Assemble a list of SMS recipients 

The most significant component of your SMS messaging jigsaw is your subscriber list. 

Make a list of subscribers who have chosen to participate in your marketing campaigns if you don’t already have one. In order to ensure that you are doing lawfully, start by being familiar with local regulations. 

Ensure that you are signing up for high-caliber SMS users who are really interested in your company. To promote sign ups at scale, you might want to employ gamified popups and a wheel of fate. Another useful kind of contact is text to join, particularly when combined with a special offer or discount.

Establish your SMS campaigns

The most important stage is now at hand: creating the actual message. 

This is considerably more difficult than it appears. Since SMS messages may only be 160 characters long, there isn’t much room for rambling. 

Here are some pointers for structuring your message: 

  • Consider value. Before launching any SMS campaign, ask yourself this: How will this SMS text message improve the quality of life for my customers? 
  • Use appropriate grammar. Avoid using text lingo and acronyms since not everyone will understand them. Abbreviations, text speak, and incorrect capitalization give your brand an unprofessional appearance. 
  • Differentiate your message from the subject line.

Regardless of whether you are managing a startup, a major corporation, or a small business, your SMS marketing plan needs to be extremely careful. A great SMS campaign has the potential to grow your company to new heights. 

Send your message at the right moment to allow the most consumers to take advantage of the chance. Additionally, for customized messaging, consider including links in your SMS messages as well as a distinct Sender ID.

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